How many uses are there for graphite powder?

The uses of graphite powder are as follows:

1.As a refractory: graphite and its products have the properties of high temperature resistance and high strength, in the metallurgical industry is mainly used to make graphite crucible, in steelmaking is commonly used as a protective agent for steel ingot, the lining of metallurgical furnace.

2.As conductive material: used in the electrical industry to manufacture electrodes, brushes, carbon rods, carbon tubes, graphite gaskets, telephone parts, television picture tube coating, e

3.Wear resistant lubrication material: graphite in the mechanical industry is often used as a lubricant.Lubricating oil often cannot be used in high speed, high temperature and high pressure conditions, while graphite wear-resistant materials can be used in (I) 200~2000℃ temperature at a very high sliding speed, without lubricating oil.Many equipment for conveying corrosive media are made of graphite in piston cups, sealing rings and bearings, which operate without lubricating oil.Graphite is also a good lubricant for many metalworking processes (wire drawing, tube drawing).

How many uses are there for graphite powder?

4. Casting, aluminum casting, molding and high temperature metallurgical materials: due to the small thermal expansion coefficient of graphite, and ability to the change of thermal shock, can be used as glass mold, after using graphite black metal casting dimension precision, smooth surface high yield, without processing or make a little processing can use, thus saving a large amount of metal.

5. Graphite powder can also prevent the scale of the boiler, the relevant unit test shows that adding a certain amount of graphite powder in the water (about 4 to 5 grams per ton of water) can prevent the scale of the boiler surface.In addition, graphite coated on metal chimneys, roofs, Bridges, pipelines can be anticorrosive.

6. Graphite powder can be used as pigments, polishes.

In addition, graphite is also light industry glass and papermaking polishing agent and anti-rust agent, is the manufacture of pencils, ink, black paint, ink and artificial diamond, diamond indispensable raw materials.
It is a very good energy saving and environmental protection material, the United States has used it as a car battery.
With the development of modern science and technology and industry, the application field of graphite is still expanding. It has become an important raw material of new composite materials in the high-tech field and plays an important role in the national economy.

Post time: Mar-25-2021