The use of graphite blocks

Graphite blocks is the widely used graphite material and be used in many industies , from the material it can be divied into carbon blocks and graphite blocks , the difference is if the blocks is with the procedure of the graphitization . and for the graphite blocks , from the moulding method , it can be divided into three major kinds , isostatic graphite blocks , moulded graphite blocks and vibracation graphite blocks .

Graphite Blocks are widely used in the Tooling (EDM), Mould making (EDM), and General Manufacturing industries. We can make it up to 3600mm long and 850 wide and 850 tall. The blocks are available in various specifications and size are as per different construction applications. Characteristics of Graphite Blocks. Graphite Blocks features in high bulk density, low resistivity, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and good electrical conductivity, etc.

Special features: High purity, fine grain, good performance of electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, high density, good corrosion resistance, thermal shock resistance, thermal stability, high mechanical strength, low permeability, and good oxidation resistance

The raw material is capable of producing various semiconductor molds and radio tube.

Graphite blocks used for silicon carbide furnace, graphitization furnace and other metallurgical furnace, resistance furnace lining and conductive material, and the permeability of graphite heat exchangers.Widely used in electronics, metallurgy, chemical industry, steel and other fields, products of good quality, stable performance.

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Post time: May-05-2022